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What is...

A Divine Breadcrumb

Seemingly out of the blue, and often when you need it most, the Universe will provide a clue, a stepping stone, a prompt, a serendipity that leads you to something that helps you on the next leg of your journey. It could come in the form of a book, a class, a workshop, a chance meeting, a song on the radio-the possibilities are endless! It’s like a scavenger hunt, but with no wrong path.

The Divine Breadcrumb

An online community helping people on their individual journey through the introduction of compassionate coaches, gifted healers, life changing books, holistic products and other creative works. At the same time, showcasing the amazing talents of heart-centered professionals and soul-seekers. There is a teacher for every student and for every student, a teacher. The Divine Breadcrumb is a hub to bring us all together and elevate us all.

Your Divine Breadcrumb

Now that you know what a Divine Breadcrumb is, you may find yourself recalling some of your own. What was a moment in your life that, at the time, you just KNEW was going to have a long-term positive impact? Or maybe you didn’t have any inkling at all. Maybe it was an introduction to the lucky person who ended up being your spouse. Maybe it was a vacation that unexpectedly led you to the place you knew you were meant to live. There are infinite examples, but we’d like to hear YOUR story. “Who me?” you might be asking. Yes! Everyone has a unique story, but more importantly, your story will most assuredly have an effect on others. It could be as simple as putting a smile on someone’s face or as impactful as giving someone the courage to make a change in their life. Our stories are infinitely special and we encourage you to share yours here.

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