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Divine Breadcrumbs Left by Guardian Angels

December 30, 2018 | Theodore Cohen

I’m new to The Divine Breadcrumb and have been thinking about its premise: “Seemingly out of the blue, and often when you need it most, the Universe will provide a clue, a stepping stone, a prompt, a serendipity that leads you to something that helps you on the next leg of your journey.” And I’m wondering: where do these clues come from? The website offers examples: “a book, a class, a workshop, a chance meeting, a song on the radio …” The possibilities are endless. But the implication is some mystical property of the unknown must be invoked, which is to say: “the Universe will provide a clue, a stepping stone, a prompt, a serendipity that leads you to something that helps you on the next leg of your journey.”

As a scientist and author, I’ve often been intrigued by, and have written about, connections between the world in which we live—a physical world, represented by the visible reality of space and time, and energy and matter—and the metaphysical world, where we inquire beyond physical and human science. In fact, I love to merge these worlds by mixing fact with fiction (“faction”) and take my stories into realms that challenge a reader’s imagination by blurring the line between reality and fantasy

Consider those times in which you have had an “awakening” that led to something new and/or significant that changed your life forever. Yes, as postulated by this website, it may have come from reading a book, attending a workshop, a chance meeting (as was the case in my life, as recorded in a Spotlight on the Home Page), or … OR … something that simply occurred to you in a flash, seemingly out of nowhere. Something wholly unexpected, occurring without warning. An edifying moment that saved the day.

Some might think they have been blessed by a deity and give thanks, perhaps, by saying a little prayer to themselves, attending religious services, lighting a candle or, maybe, by thanking their guardian angel.

Ah ha! Our guardian angels. Haven’t you ever wondered, when you narrowly missed hitting car in the intersection or happened to be driving just below the speed limit when you spotted that patrol car lurking in the alley to your right, that perhaps “someone” may have been looking out for you?

Consider the plight of the young man in the story below,* a poor soul who moments ago entered his bedroom in a drunken stupor after a night on the town.

“Oh! You startled me!”

The drunken young man, surprised to see his guardian angel sitting on the bedroom dresser, fell forward onto his bed. He could barely stay awake, much less carry on a coherent conversation. It was three in the morning.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” intoned the angel. “You know, we can take only so much from our charges. Desirae—she’s your financée’s guardian angel—and I were watching you both tonight at the dance. I knew I was in trouble when Desirae pointed at you and whispered in my ear: ‘Rachael, you’re gonna lose your job and end up in Hell unless you straighten that moron out!’

“And I’m like ‘Oy vey, what’s he done now?’

“And she says, ‘He’s hitting on his fiancée’s best friend again.’ ”

[Loud snoring coming from the bed. Guardian angel shakes her charge and wakes him up.] “Listen, my friend, who saved you the last time your fiancée caught you fooling around by asking Desirae to intervene on your behalf? And who helped you make things right the time before that? You’re not a cat, ya know; you don’t get nine lives.

“I’m here to tell you: the next time your fiancée catches you ‘makin’ eyes’ at someone, you’re on your own, and my next visit to your apartment will be to attend shiva for you!”

Now, this being The Divine Breadcrumb, where there is no wrong path, know that as a result of this encounter, our drunken young man did indeed have an epiphany. Come next month, he and his-then fiancée will celebrate 55 years of wedded bliss.

*Story #60, Creative Ink, Flashy Fiction: Flash Fiction Anthology - Book 4, Theodore Jerome Cohen, TJC Press, 2018.

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Simon L. | 12/7/2019

Better late than never to comment on the inspiring description by Theodore Cohen dated December 2018. There is a common element that runs through this story and although the words are different, there is a clear message that 'there is no such thing as coincidence'. Looking back on life's experiences there will be many times when one realizes if a particular event (not necessarily a positive one) did NOT happen, other more positive experiences would not have materialized. Or an event did happen, positive or negative, the change of direction, as if guided by a guardian angel; an epiphany; a sudden and great realization; a manifestation of a form of a Divine influence must have been pulling the strings of life. Theodore you really did shine a light on matters we take for granted. Prayers when answered are seemingly not a coincidence. Prayers can be silent and not spoken out aloud. Yet when they are answered it makes one think how were they heard. How were they answered? A mystery of the Universe. Thank you so much Theodore. Simon Lever