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Spreading Optimism and Kindness and Empathy

January 9, 2021 | Simon Lever

There are many words flying around the world; optimism, kindness, togetherness, love, harmony, hope and empathy.

Does anyone get tired of what could be seen as shallow propaganda? Or is it because people are indeed kinder to each other prompted by the coronavirus pandemic?

People were kind before this invasion on humanity. But now kindness has manifested itself into a level of genuine, caring compassion. In other words, we really are in this together.

I for one have noticed a distinct difference when greeting strangers on a walk. Having always exchanged basic greetings anyway, I have noticed a positive difference. Previously a polite ‘good afternoon’ or ‘hello’ but now, politeness has extended to empathy and kindness. Genuine smiles of mutual appreciation exchanged. And a chat about the situation, but mostly with a touch of optimism.

We’re all in ‘the same boat together’. It matters not what your purpose in life is, nobody is immune and especially if the basic precautions are ignored.

Platforms triggering such positive thoughts and actions are BizCatalyst and The Divine Breadcrumb. Both projecting a level of kindness, empathy and compassion in recognition of the human elements; hope and kindness.

Having witnessed kindness and indeed spontaneous acts of kindness and human interaction there is a distinct and for want of a better word, infectious element that has manifested itself during the coronavirus pandemic.

From the experience of coronavirus pandemic where natural friendliness is evident, open friendliness will never decline, and I for one will continue reaching out extending a kind word or two.

Not so much asking for kindness to be conveyed, but receiving and extending kindness without any ‘plan’ or pre-prepared thought process; just a natural, instinctive, spontaneous flow of human generosity of spirit.

One rather sad aspect of the social distancing (albeit essential) is when, for example, an elderly lady drops bag of shopping; my natural instincts take over where I offer to pick up the object and present it to her. This is not possible. It may be a totally irrelevant act, but nevertheless a denial of kindness, albeit for the good health of both parties. This actually happened recently. I apologized for not being able to do what comes naturally and we exchanged warm smiles.

‘Body language’, posture and eye contact. Eye contact can be similar to scanning a biography in a second.

People who would benefit from a little kindness can’t easily hide such a feeling; be it a conscious or subconscious need. Should they be endeavoring to mask; to hide such emotions or feelings, they are essentially ‘putting on a face’, protecting themselves from what they perceive as an invasion of privacy.

There is a difference between hiding negative emotions from potential onlookers; strangers, or perhaps acquaintances, and putting on a face.

Projecting empathy through eye contact and a reasonable handshake, plus a natural posture creates an open atmosphere for engaging in dialogue.

What is sometimes overlooked is that both parties may be putting on a face!

Just being yourself in every situation may not be a ‘walk in the park’ (typically English expression?) but being comfortable in your own skin, can in some cases be challenging. Being really comfortable in your own skin is the ultimate ideal. This initially takes confidence until it becomes natural and having to put on a face does not come into the equation.

A simple ‘good morning’ during a walk can release what is possibly hidden in an individual’s persona. Not happy to engage in a detailed discussion about their private lives for example, but a polite exchange never causes offence.

All this can take less than thirty seconds, but the healing aspects will last longer. Receiving a ‘good morning’ plus a few words of interaction, could potentially be rewarded by a little bit of confidence or comfort on both sides. The fact that someone has voluntarily extended a welcome; even just adding an extra word or two, can make a difference. Once again, kindness matters.

Kindness and togetherness, promoting gentle optimism. For we are all in this together and together we will become champions of hope and positivity.

The Divine Breadcrumb, Bizcatalyst360° and also LinkedIn there is a band of us who are real friends.

How can people be ‘real friends’ when in many cases thousands of miles separate us?

We ‘watch’ out for each other, we may exchange emails in confidence to share concerns (coronavirus) or share good news via posts or article.

I cherish this natural interaction and friendship. Especially during this surreal period in time. The Divine Breadcrumb opened up a refreshingly different perspective. A view of the world that shines a light of hope, where individuals open their hearts for the benefit of others.

And my Divine Breadcrumb? The reality that I am able still able to walk along rivers, up hills, greet and chat with anyone at a time when thousands of folks have fallen to this dreadful coronavirus.

This realization ‘hit me’ today. Seeing people, exchanging greetings as if coronavirus was warped imagination. I am here to spread the word of kindness. We can take good health and life for granted. Never a thought. That has changed me forever from today; Tuesday January 5th 2021. A Divine Breadcrumb indeed.

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