TDB: Is Spirituality the New Polarizer?
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Is Spirituality the New Polarizer?

July 22, 2020 | Carol Campos

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend on social media: people presenting themselves as “awakened souls,” living a “spiritual existence,” are shaming and judging others who are trying to navigate their own spiritual path. The irony is not lost on me that those touting themselves as spiritual leaders are shaming, judging, patronizing and condescending. The “I’m-up-here-and-you’re-down-here” attitude has been prevalent on several of the comments I’ve read-including some on my own posts. I’ve been schooled, chastised, and reprimanded for posting about topics that ARE spiritual to me, but to them are wrong or ego-based. Posts surrounding abundance and manifestation appear to be the biggest triggers for those who consider themselves in the upper echelons of spiritual life. I’ll get to that in a minute.

This made me curious. First, we have to look at the work “spirituality” and what it means when someone says “I’m spiritual.” I guarantee that if you ask ten different people their definition of spirituality, you’ll get ten different answers. Heck if you ask a thousand people, you’ll get a thousand different answers. For me, as I started my own path, it meant realizing that I’m connected to something much bigger than myself. I’m connected to everything and everyone. It means utilizing the gifts I was born with and sharing them with others. It means digging deeper into my wounds—even when it’s scary and uncomfortable. It means learning to speak truthfully and from the heart.

I sat with the emotion. I didn’t act on it. Were they right? Am I just a money-grubbing fraud because I talk about money, abundance and manifestation? Then it hit me. They are spiritual elitists, spiritual snobs, if you will.

Your definition might be completely different. It’s different and personal to you just like my definition is to me. I’m wary of those who try to convince me that their way is best. Yes, it is—for you. Real Masters and spiritual leaders guide and teach. They don’t convince or manipulate. They don’t try to make you wrong. They may encourage you to look at things through a different lens, but do so from a place of love and with the highest intention.

Back to manifestation and abundance… The pandemic has left many in fear about their personal finances. Businesses are struggling. There are many wonderful people trying to help alleviate these fears. Programs are cropping up to help people with money mindset or aligning to abundance. In the span of a month I was “schooled” by a few different people who have supposedly devoted their lives to spiritual pursuits, who felt that my posts about manifestation and abundance demonstrate that I am not spiritual and that my thinking is still very ego-based. I immediately felt attacked. I could feel myself getting defensive.

I sat with the emotion. I didn’t act on it. Were they right? Am I just a money-grubbing fraud because I talk about money, abundance and manifestation? Then it hit me. They are spiritual elitists, spiritual snobs, if you will. In their definition of abundance, money is evil. If you’re truly spiritual, you must reject worldly possession and the desire for more. If you don’t tote this line, than you simply can’t call yourself a spiritual person. But I don’t believe money is evil.

We incarnated here at this time to live a physical existence. At this time in history, money is needed for shelter, food, education, travel and a host of other things and experiences. That’s a fact. What if you want a business or career that makes “good” money (and that looks different for everyone)? Aside from working hard and taking inspired action, what if you say daily affirmations around abundance? What if you visualize a better future? This seems to be where the spiritual elitists really get their hair up.

I was told that talking about the things that have manifested in my life—things that I intentionally manifested—is ego based. Actually, it’s not. I am not some all-powerful sorceress waving a magic wand. I am well aware that the Universe, Source, God—whatever term you choose—is working with me and through me. I don’t do ANY of this alone. Nobody does. I believe God wants us to be successful, in whatever way we define success.

I don’t want money for money’s sake. I’m guessing you don’t either. For me, money equates to freedom. It’s freedom to enjoy the things that light me up: travel, taking courses, or something as simple as getting a massage. It’s going to a restaurant to have a yummy meal while having deep conversation and uproarious laughs. It’s doing things for my family, friends, the community and the planet. It’s investing in my business so that I can better serve others.

We know that money is energy which ebbs and flows in and out of our lives. When we send money out, someone is going to benefit-the business owner, the farmer, the young woman working at the coffee shop. Then, when money flows back to us, we repeat the cycle. It’s not bad or good. It’s an energetic exchange.

Seeing the rampant judgement saddens me. This is a pivotal time in history and it would be nice if people doing heart-centered and healing work could come together. There are those just starting out on their spiritual path and the Law of Attraction and affirmations are often the gateway to this journey. That was certainly the case for me. It wasn’t until years later that I started the deeper work. One teaching led to the next and the next.

Honor where everyone is on their journey. Encourage them. Let’s stop the scolding and shaming. Not one of us is better than the other. There isn’t only ONE way to be and live. Thank you to all the spiritual teachers who have taught me with love and grace. Namaste.

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