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Transformation Through Shadow Work, Self Love & Earth Based Spirituality

July 8, 2020 | Tia Russo
What is Shadow Work?

Shadow work is a personal growth process based in introspective self awareness leading to emotional and spiritual healing, to embody radical self-acceptance and unconditional love.

The exploration and integration of your dark side, or Shadow Self, for the goal of feeling whole and not internally split.

What is the “Shadow Self”?

The Shadow or Shadow Self is composed of shame-ridden thoughts, feelings, impulses, repressed ideas, desires, fears, and perversions tucked in the unconscious mind; the pieces of yourself that you deny and lock away to remain likable and civilized in the eyes of others.

Why begin Shadow work?

Getting to know your shadow gives you a better connection to who you are and are not, aligning you with your authentic inner self.

Shadow work allows you to release toxic emotions, thoughts, and distorted perspectives created by the shadow.

You gain awareness of the subtle changes in your emotional and physical body before they manifest as actions or reactions to your outer environment.

Beginning the practice of Shadow work means learning how to navigate and heal buried rage, guilt, shame, disgust, grief, etc, that impact your decisions and reactions.

What are the Benefits of Shadow Work?

More awareness of your shadow self affords you a more positive influence over your experience of life, allowing you the freedom to be your authentic self.

You can easily manage your reactions so they don’t overwhelm but challenge you. You will feel at peace knowing your power over yourself; a sense of self-trust and stability.

Fewer reactions to emotional stimulus and more selecting a response to the situation, allows you to tune into your divine self and intuition more easily and accurately.

Where do I begin?

Self Awareness is the beginning of any healing or transformation. Once you can identify the pain, problem, issue, or desire you can begin working towards a progressive resolution that feels right.

However, Shadow Work is best done accompanied by a guide with the necessary wisdom to keep you centered, grounded, and aligned to your goals and self.

If you want to begin your integrative Shadow Work journey with me, visit to choose the path work that feels most aligned for you!

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