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I Don’t Believe in Unicorns

May 5, 2019 | Carol Campos

I’ve always been interested in things like metaphysics, spirituality, quantum physics, energy healing and other topics that are not necessarily mainstream. I’ve never tried to push my beliefs and interests on others, but am always excited when I discover that someone is interested in these things. I get that familiar buzzy feeling of recognition, a knowing that I have found another member of my tribe! Nothing lights me up more than talking and learning about the subjects that interest me. On the flip side, it can sting when a friend or family member poo-poos these interests.

Recently a long-time friend wrote a Facebook post that included the sentence “I don’t believe in unicorns and crystals.” I don’t remember what the post was about. I only remember that particular sentence because it felt like a dig directed at me. In truth it probably had NOTHING to do with me. At first, I went into defense mode, and thought, “What do you mean you don’t believe in crystals? They are part of the mineral kingdom. They’re not magic beans!” Of course, I knew what she meant. She doesn’t believe that crystals have any special properties to heal or affect any change in human beings. As far as she’s concerned, they’re just pretty rocks. My inner dialogue continued: “Well my friend, you might want to ask yourself why quartz crystal is used in expensive time pieces and certain medical equipment if they’re just rocks.” Take that smarty pants!

I continued the dialogue in my head, racking up examples of why I wasn’t a loon: Science has proven that there is an energetic field that connects all of us. Everything is made of energy and everything emits its own frequency—including crystals. This is why quartz crystal is used in time pieces. It has a very precise frequency which helps to regulate the movement of the watch. Is it magic? No—it’s science. “See, I’m not crazy!” I shouted in my head. I was still expending energy on this imaginary debate, trying to convince my friend that my beliefs had merit.

At first, I went into defense mode, and thought, “What do you mean you don’t believe in crystals? They are part of the mineral kingdom. They’re not magic beans!”

After my ego settled down a bit, I had to laugh…at myself. Why did I care about her thoughts on the subject? She’s allowed to think whatever she wants, just as I am. As I examined my feelings, I realized that I was bothered by the condescending tone more than anything else. The thrust was that people who are interested in the subjects I mentioned above are crack-pots, charlatans, weak-minded, or just plain silly. Yet, some of the most brilliant minds of our time believed that there was more to our world than what meets the eye. Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Preach, Al.

But the crystal comment is not the only “shade’ that’s been thrown my way since I’ve come out of the metaphysical/spiritual closet. Even friends who have seemingly been on the same page have felt the need to make negative comments about The Divine Breadcrumb logo or some of our podcast guests/topics. Let me be clear, I appreciate and encourage constructive criticism. That kind of feedback helps us step outside ourselves and see things from a new angle. It helps us grow. But throwing out negative comments with no value-add, that’s what I take issue with. What’s amazing to me is that the most negative comments have come from friends. It’s actually rather fascinating to me. What is this about? Sour grapes? Jealousy? I’m always happy when someone I care about is doing well. Why can’t others do the same?

I am grateful to know so many amazing men and women who truly support each other. They sincerely believe there is enough success to go around and we can all have a piece. And when one pie is gone there are an infinite number of pies lined up, ready and waiting. I’m especially grateful to the people who, although they might not share my beliefs, support me anyway. Feelings of jealousy and envy are human. These feelings don’t make us bad people. I’ve experienced them myself—too many times to count. But projecting these feelings on the people you care about is hurtful—not only to the other person, but to yourself.

There is no way you can better your own life while bearing ill will towards another. How does the saying go? “It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Yet, there are people drinking the poison every day. You’ve probably encountered some of these people yourself. They are the constant complainers, playing the victim role to the fullest. They seem to be in an imaginary competition with everyone around them. They are the one-uppers, the shit-stirrers, and the card-carrying members of the “woe is me” brigade. They can really get under your skin. And yet, we are all connected. As hard as it is to admit, we are recognizing a piece of ourselves in them. So, what can we do? It’s simple: send them love and compassion. Send them healing energy. Wish them well. In doing so we are also sending love and healing energy to ourselves. Of course, if you want the healing energy to arrive faster, send it on a unicorn. I hear they are super-speedy.

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