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Episode 31 - Transforming Our Lives Through Mindfulness

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Montse Azaguirre

Today we’re talking with Montse Azaguirre. Montse is the founder of Mindful Living, and as the name would suggest, is an expert in mindfulness. It all started when she experienced post natal anxiety. During this time she turned to meditation and mindfulness and it was life-changing.

Now Montse works to help others realize the power of mindfulness in their own lives. Through her 1 on 1 coaching and corporate coaching, her Rogue Mindz online magazine as well as her YouTube channel, Montse helps to bring about peace and happiness in our personal and professional lives.

Montse believes that we don’t have to suffer in order to be a great artist, a great parent, have a great business or whatever it is we’re trying to achieve.

In this episode, Deb and Carol talk with Montse about humanity “waking up,” tuning into the energy of our passed loved ones, reincarnation, bringing mindfulness into the workplace, the definition of a “rogue mind” and much more!

Montse also shares some of her favorite tips to be more mindful in your own life.

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