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Episode 41 - Chakras 101: What You Need To Know

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Emily Minor

In this episode we’re doing something a little different. In doing our show for the past year, we’ve realized that certain subjects, although familiar to us, are newer to some of our listeners. We’re all at different points in the spiritual journey and no one gets left behind on our watch!

We’re excited to begin a new series, highlighting various spiritual and metaphysical topics for beginners. First up in our series is Emily Minor who gives us the 411 in the 101 of Chakras.

Emily was a nurse for many years and has a passion for it. But there was always this feeling inside that there was something more to do. About 5 years ago, during a chance meeting with a woman in Walmart, Emily’s life changed forever. We’ll let Emily tell the story, but during that time she had a spiritual awakening that led her to learn all she could about energy healing, meditation, auras, Tarot cards, etc.

Now Emily uses her considerable gift to help others. Deb and Carol had the pleasure of meeting Emily in person and can tell you that she has an amazing energy-just the kind of person you’d want to learn from!

Join us for this interesting and fun chat on our Chakras!

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