The Divine Breadcrumb

Episode 53 - A Channeled Message of Hope & Healing

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Myra Astorga

In this special episode, Deb and Carol talk with energy medicine practitioner and channel, Myra Astorga.

Myra describes channeling as connecting with the higher realms, which involves setting aside the egoic mind and going into an altered state to allow higher consciousness to channel through.

In 2004, Myra had a spiritual experience which left her with the ability to interpret and deliver insights about people. Information on their specific soul qualities and certain human behavioral patterns would come up in these conversations. Myra helps people to remember who they are and why this is so important.

While Myra was talking with us, she started to spontaneously channel the beings she refers to as the Gods and Goddesses (at approximately 21:15). They came through with some beautiful messages for everyone on Earth right now. With fear running rampant due to the spread of the Coronavirus, the Gods and Goddesses provided us with important information and hope. They also gave specific messages to Deb and Carol surrounding the mission of The Divine Breadcrumb.

Trust us—you're not going to want to miss this one. We truly believe that this will raise your spirits and your vibration, which are both needed right now.

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