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Episode 60 - Growing Up with Narcissist Parents: A Healing Journey

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Tami Atman

Many of us have endured tough childhoods or have memories we’d like to leave in the past. What happens in our childhood affects the adults we become—the good and the not so good. It’s no wonder that so many of us have gone to therapists and coaches to help us navigate these tricky waters!

Our guest is author and podcast host, Tami Reseda Atman. Tami grew up with not one, but two narcissist parents who made her childhood a living hell.

Through Tami’s extensive research and examining her family tree, she realized that for the last 100+ years, her family lived lives filled with rage, blame, greed, divorce, toxic selfishness, shame, and lies; all the while pretending everything was fine.

The emotionally toxic ties between herself and her parents and their parents caused her to live a false life and until recently, she couldn’t even answer the question “Who am I?”

Tami navigated a long and messy terrain to disentangle herself from the web of fear, obligation, and guilt. It was a painful and unbearable process that nearly ended in tragedy when Tami considered taking her own life.

Tami’s healing journey, which began in 2014, led to a podcast and book both called The Stuck Stops Here, as well as an album. Her soul goal is to be the resource for others that SHE needed during those dark hours.

Join us for this powerful episode!

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