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Episode 68 - The Empath's Role in the World

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Stephanie Red Feather

Have you been labeled “too sensitive” or “emotional?”

Many of us were given these labels as children and were told that these were negative traits. But that’s not the case at all. In fact, they are superpowers! Most likely you’re an empath.

What’s an empath? Glad you asked! Today we are joined by Reverend Stephanie Redfeather, PhD, Founder of The Blue Star Temple and author of one of our favorite new books, The Evolutionary Empath.

The book not only explains things like how to know if you’re an empath, but it also gives you practical tools to navigate the world as an empath. But what we find most fascinating about the book is that it speaks to the role of empaths on our planet.

Stephanie Redfeather is an empath. Growing up, she didn’t know how to navigate this rocky terrain. Her unique gifts were virtually shut down and as she got older, she pursued interests that seemed in opposition to her innate nature. She got a degree in applied mathematics and joined the Air Force.

In 2002 she left the Air Force after deciding to be a financial advisor. She thought this was her calling. But less than 6 months later she quit because she hated it!

It was then that EVERYTHING in her life started to fall apart. Over the next five years she got a divorce, her financial stability evaporated, and all the beliefs she had held as true fell apart as well.

But all that fell apart made room for something new.

Today Stephanie describes herself as a mystic, a shaman, a priestess, an energy healer, a star seed, and traveler of the unseen realms.

Learn more about what it means to be an empath and why their mission is so important to the planet!

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