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Episode 71 - The Power to Heal Your Body!

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Andrea Greiner

In this episode we’re talking about healing our own bodies. How great is THAT?! This is an innate gift that we all have, but we simply need the tools and guidance to get started. Our guest is Dr. Andrea Greiner, creator of Ray of Light Meridian Therapy which gives people the tools needed to heal pain, chronic illnesses, and discomfort.

Through her own personal development, Dr. Greiner realized there is a strong connection between our energy and healing. As a naturopathic doctor and acupuncturist, Dr. Greiner saw first hand how energy work and optimizing how we run our energy, has a dramatic effect on healing.

Deb and Carol had the pleasure of having a session with Dr. Greiner recently. Not only did they experience some energy shifts, but they were sent off with tools that they could use on a daily basis to continue the healing.

Join us as we talk about the Ray of Light Meridian Therapy, how we can empower ourselves to heal our own bodies and also how Dr. Greiner is bringing her work into the workplace.

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