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We are so excited to share The Divine Breadcrumb podcast with our global community! In the coming months we will be talking with a variety of people who are doing wonderful and amazing things in the world. We ALL have a story to tell about the most pivotal moments in our lives and we ALL have gifts to share. We can learn from one another and inspire each other! The podcast will be posted the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. You can find The Divine Breadcrumb podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio or right here on this page. Let us know if you have ideas for an episode!

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Episode 13 - Energy Work, Finding Yourself & Dirty Dancing

May 12, 2019

Roxana Herzog joins Deb and Carol to talk about some of the big questions in life--why are we here? What’s our purpose? Roxana immigrated from Romania to the US at the age of 15. Her life took some truly fascinating twists and turns--including one involving the movie “Dirty Dancing!”

Roxana is an energy healer who practices more than 10 different healing modalities, one of which is the Energy Codes, founded by Dr. Sue Morter. Roxana is a Master Trainer in the Energy Codes and not only explains what they are but also shares some of her incredible experiences.

Deb and Carol had a chance to talk with Roxana about some of their favorite subjects--energy healing, connecting with your Higher Self, and…uh…the benefits of “staying regular.”

Connect with Roxana:

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Episode 12 - Harnessing Divine Energy & Revealing Your Life’s Purpose

April 28, 2019

Deb and Carol had the pleasure of speaking with Jennifer Spor, a Transformational and Law of Attraction coach who also happens to be an intuitive and clairvoyant. Imagine having a coaching session where you also get messages from the Divine! Jennifer’s unique coaching style is fascinating and is making a positive impact on so many lives.

In this episode, Jennifer discusses how everything is energy, the power of the Law of Attraction, and how you can use this knowledge in your own life (and in practical ways!). How do we get abundance flowing? Money is energy and Jennifer provides some easy steps to create new patterns and create positive shifts in this area.

Deb and Carol also had a chance to talk with Jennifer about a favorite topic—life purpose. Jennifer provides some tips on getting clear and assuring us that we can have the life we want!

Join us for a fun and informative episode!

Connect with Jennifer:
Website: http://jenniferspor.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferspor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JenniferSporCoaching/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennifer_spor/

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Episode 11 - Psychic Abilities and The Ascending Woman!

April 14, 2019

In this fascinating and fun episode, Deb and Carol have the honor of speaking with Crystal Heinemann, founder of Crystal Sunshine Psychic Services and the founder of the Ascending Woman on-line community. Crystal is also co-host of the Metaphysical Q&A Podcast with Dr. Lauren Cielo. Crystal’s joy and passion for life is infectious!

Crystal was raised in a small community in Southern California. Born to young, spiritually open-minded parents, Crystal was raised vegetarian and was taught about reincarnation, especially in relation to animals.

When Crystal’s Mom remarried a man from the South, Crystal was enrolled in Catholic School. During these years, Crystal’s old belief system was put on the back burner. When Crystal graduated high school, she had no direction, but she knew she had to get out of her small town.

At the age of 18 she wrote letters to all the airlines asking for employment and within three weeks was hired. Talk about gumption! During her career in aviation she met a man who later became her husband. This horrible relationship caused a shift in Crystal, bringing her back to her Soul’s calling.

In this episode, Crystal shares her unique journey to becoming a clairvoyant psychic, the incredible connection with her dog, Luna, AND she even gifts Deb and Carol with readings! Enjoy!

Connect with Crystal:

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Episode 10 - Happiness, Mindset & Cookies

March 24, 2019

In this episode, Deb and Carol talk to Michelle Wax, author, entrepreneur and documentary filmmaker. Michelle has had an entrepreneurial spirit since childhood, starting with a lemonade and cookie stand she ran with her brothers.

Years later cookies would play a larger role in Michelle’s life when she founded Kitchen Millie, which became the premier cookie catering company in the Boston area.

But Michelle didn’t stop there. She is now on a new mission—filming a documentary! Michelle is traveling across America, talking to people in all areas of the country about happiness.

Join Deb and Carol as they talk with Michelle about this exciting adventure to showcase happiness across the United States. There is more good out there than we think!

Connect with Michelle

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Episode 9 - A Journey from Fear, to Courage, to Magic

March 10, 2019

In this episode, Deb and Carol talk with Amy Perkins, founder of Keys to Courage, a platform where Amy helps people live their dream life through her blogs, workshops and her amazing community. Amy is a sought-after speaker and all-around champion of women everywhere.

Amy had it all—a career in education, a wonderful family and a life she loved. But when her best friend passed away from Cancer two years ago, Amy’s whole world was turned upside-down. She made a vow to her best friend that she was going to live an amazing life and not waste a moment. Amy began to push herself out of her comfort zone, which as she says “is where the magic is.” The things Amy has experienced in these last two years are inspiring and there’s no sign of her slowing down!

Connect with Amy

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Episode 8 - "Escaping the Rabbit Hole" of Depression

February 24, 2019

In this episode, Carol and Deb go deep with Tracey Maxfield, author of the book, Escaping the Rabbit Hole, a compilation of Tracey’s journal entries and blogs during the darkest depression of her life.

In this interview, Tracey goes into detail about “DBS” (Death By Suicide), a voice who whispered into her ear to commit suicide. Find out how Tracey not only was able to crawl out of the “rabbit hole”, but also uses her experience to help thousands around the world.

Tracey is a nurse, an author and a champion for anyone suffering mental illness or bullying.

Connect with Tracey

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Episode 7 - Integrity, Crazy Diets & Scary Yoga Classes

February 10, 2019

Have you ever made a promise to yourself and didn’t keep it? How did it feel?

For the first time since their debut podcast, Deb and Carol fly without a guest and get real about integrity and the challenge of keeping promises to ourselves.

Join Carol and Deb for this fun conversation about their own experiences and tips that have helped them in this area of their lives. Enjoy!

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Episode 6 - Metaphysics, Guides, & the Astral Plane—Oh My!

January 27, 2019

What lies beyond the Earthly plane? Are there Angels and Guides who help us on our Earthly journey? In this episode, Deb and Carol have a fun and fascinating conversation with Dr. Lauren Cielo about these topics and more.

Dr. Cielo is a Clairvoyant, a Teacher, an Author, co-host of the podcast Metaphysical Q&A and founder of Golden Rose Psychic Services. Formally an Engineer in Corporate America, Dr. Cielo discusses the serendipitous moment that caused him to take the leap into the world of Metaphysics and ultimately find his passion.

Connect with Dr. Cielo here:

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Episode 5 - Music, Synchronicity and a Donny & Marie Record Player?

January 13, 2019

If you love music, this show is for you!

Colleen Murphy is the founder and host of Classic Album Sundays, a live show where the audience is treated to a communal listening experience, enjoying an album (on vinyl!) with no distractions and telling the album’s story. Colleen also hosts “Cosmodelica,” a radio show which airs on the global radio station, Worldwide FM.

Carol and Deb talk with Colleen about the synchronicities that took her from hosting a radio show in high school, to being David Mancuso’s mentee, to creating a life where her love of music takes center stage.

It might be the only show where Donny & Marie and Pink Floyd are mentioned in the same interview!

Check out Colleen in action here:

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Episode 4 - Peace, Nature and Healing

December 23, 2018

Our guest is Jen Deraspe, the Founder and Owner of The Nurture Through Nature Retreat Center located in the heart of Western Maine's Lakes and Mountains region. The Center is a solar-powered, off the grid retreat haven where you can create your own personal experience for healing and rejuvenation. We talk with Jen about her vision for creating the center and the many options available for guests: classes nature tours, coaching services and more! Jen shares the truths she's found along the way and a bit about her amazing 12-day solo canoe trip down the Androscoggin river!

Read more about Jen and The Nurture Through Nature Retreat Center: http://www.ntnretreats.com/

Additional resources:
Byron Katie
Eckhart Tolle
Qi Gong

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Episode 3 - The Power of Serendipity

December 9, 2018

Join Carol and Deb as they talk with Missy Cohen, an award-winning music and sound editor in both film and television. Missy shares a behind-the-scenes look at the editing process and reveals the biggest serendipity of her life. You won’t believe how she got her big break!

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Episode 2 - Shattering Limiting Beliefs

November 25, 2018

Carol and Deb chat with Deb Uscilka, award winning photographer and the graphic designer behind The Divine Breadcrumb logo. Deb shares her stories of shattering limiting beliefs from her younger years to create the life she has now. Join us for this engaging, funny and inspiring episode.

You can contact Deb Uscilka through her website: http://www.debuscilka.com.

Please get in touch if you have any comments or stories of your own to share!

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Episode 1 - Intro to The Divine Breadcrumb

November 11, 2018

What is it? Who are we? What are we doing? Meet Carol and Deb the co-founders of The Divine Breadcrumb. After a brief introduction, we discuss our vision for The Divine Breadcrumb; plans, goals and where you fit in. Have a listen..

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