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Episode 44 - ZOOM to Zen: Healing Through Sound & Music

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Bernadette Yao

Who doesn’t love music? It can calm, energize, evoke memories and stir emotions. But did you know it also has an incredible ability to heal?

Our guest today is Bernadette Yao, a certified sound and energy healer, meditation music composer, producer and artist. Bernadette is a classically trained singer and pianist, but she also uses a collection of Himalayan and quartz crystal singing bowls, acoustic guitar, Native American flutes and percussion instruments in her healing practice. Bernadette works through hands-on energy and sound healing techniques combined with spiritual and psychological processes to help create transformative experiences for her clients.

Bernadette has an interesting history. Prior to working in the healing arts she was a classical musical vocalist, recording artist and back up singer for Grammy-Award winner Suzanne Vega. She also toured with the Boston Symphony Orchestra as a soprano chorus member for 10 years.

For all you 70s kids, Bernadette was one of the original cast members of the PBS Children’s show, ZOOM! In the 70s we didn’t have the plethora of children’s shows that exist today, so the ones we did watch have a special place in our memories. Those that watched the show may very well remember Bernadette.

Tune in as Bernadette shares some memories from her days on ZOOM, her love of music and composing, as well as how she became interested in energy, sound, and music healing.

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