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Episode 52 - Leaning Into Fear To Transform Your Life

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Michael Sandler

In this episode we’re talking to the Shine Bright CEO himself—Michael Sandler! Michael is the host of Inspire Nation Show where he interviews the best of the best-thought leaders in business, spirituality, health, as well as light workers across the globe.

But Michael is also a thought leader in his own right. Aside from his top-rated show, he is also a best-selling author and is releasing his new book, The Automatic Writing Experience, later this year. He is also a sought-after coach, sharing his wisdom and light with the world.

Michael has also experienced some of the most horrific accidents, two resulting in near death experiences (NDEs). Although the accidents left him with two titanium hips and two titanium femurs (among other serious injuries), Michael explains that these experiences cracked his heart space wide open—literally and figuratively, changing his life in ways he couldn’t have imagined.

Join Carol and Deb as they talk with Michael about what he learned from his NDEs, the power of Automatic Writing, what it means to be an open-hearted warrior, and why being "kind, easy, gentle, good" with ourselves is Michael’s signature mantra.

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