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Episode 62 - Transform Your Personal Energy with Feng Shui

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Kerri Miller

Today’s guest is Feng Shui expert, Kerri Miller. According to Kerri, there are unseen energies that circulate through your surroundings and influence you. Tapping into them can put you in a beneficial flow that helps propel you forward with ease in all the parts of your life.

Not only does Kerri teach you to make simple shifts in your environment that create a host of benefits, but she also clears spaces of stagnant and “uneven” energies.

Kerri is also the author of Feels Better. Flows Better. Feng Shui for Inspired Living a hands-on guide to improving the energy flow in your personal space to benefit your health, career, relationships, finances, and personal well-being, while also leaving you feeling more energized, supported and nourished.

In this episode Kerri explains how clutter can affect our energy and actually make our life harder. She also provides simple tips to change the energy of the main entrance of our home, how to clear out energy when moving to a new home and when it may be necessary to call in an expert.

Feng Shui is much more than buying new pillows or moving a potted plant across the room and in this episode, you’ll find out why!

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