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Episode 63 - Sound Bath: Quartz Crystal & Himalayan Bowls

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Bernadette Yao

Today we are honored to have the amazing Bernadette Yao back to the show.If you haven’t listened to our first interview with Bernadette, you can check it out on our site: episode 44.

Bernadette is a certified sound and energy healer, meditation music composer, producer, and artist as well as a classically training singer and pianist. She is also well known as one of the original cast members of the PBS classic 70s children’s show, ZOOM!

In this special episode, Bernadette has graciously agreed to perform a healing sound bath, using her collection of Himalayan and quartz crystal singing bowls. Each bowl is made of a different material which has its own alchemy, vibration, and sound. Certain vibrations affect different parts of the body.

In these unusual and stressful times, people need healing more than ever. Bernadette discusses the benefit of the vibrations and sounds emanating from these beautiful bowls.

Sit back, close your eyes, and get lost in this beautiful sound bath. (The meditation/sound bath begins at 13:10.)

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