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Episode 66 - Why Chiropractic Care is Key to Overall Health

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Dr. Timothy Murzycki

Welcome to Chiropractic Care 101 with our guest, Dr. Tim Murzycki or Dr. Tim as many of his patients call him.

Many people think that we only see a chiropractor if we’re having back or neck issues. But there’s so much more to chiropractic medicine than what most people think!

Dr. Murzycki shares with us why caring for the spine and nervous system is so important in supporting our health.

Interestingly, Dr. Murzycki is also a certified Life Activation Practitioner which deals with energy healing. Needless to say, this caught our attention!

Dr. Tim has helped countless people through his practice and his patients adore him.

Deb and Carol could have talked with him for hours. He shares so much great information and we learned a ton. You will too!

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