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Episode 72 - Decoding Our Human Blueprint

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Ashley Bergan

Have you ever wished that there was an explanation for why you operate the way you do in the world? A map of your unique genetic design? Well guess what—there IS!

We are talking with Ashley Bergan, an expert in Human Design, a framework that explores your unique energy blueprint based on fixed factors like the date and time you were born as well as your birthplace.

Using these details, Ashley is able to use the Human Design framework to show you how you can be more aligned, learn about what she calls your “internal guideposts,” and recognize your gifts.

During a reading with Ashley, you’ll be blown away by how accurately she can describe you based on very limited information. But even more interesting will be her explanation of why you show up the way that you do and what makes you tick.

In this episode we’re talking about Human Design, the 5 energy types, how we can use human design to have more joy in our lives and why UN-learning what we were taught is such an important part of the process.

Get your notebooks out for this one!

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