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Episode 73 - The Power of Intentional Communication

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Lila Smith

Have you ever wished you could articulate what you want to say in a more powerful and impactful way? What if you could get your message across in a way that was in complete alignment with your values and strengths?

In this episode we’re talking with Lila Smith, creator of Say Things Better which is all about coaching through intentional communication. But what makes Lila’s brand of coaching so unique is that she leverages her 10 years as a professional actor and merged that with her expertise as an eCommerce leader, providing her clients with an unparalleled experience.

Lila has an uncanny way of quickly zoning in on how she can help you and provides exercises, tools, and tips to help you…well…say things better!

Lila is also the co-author of the children’s book You’ve Got Values which comes out in 2021.

She is a dynamic speaker and has been known to break into song to underscore a point.

And somehow we got on the topic of…lingerie?! Join us for this fun and informative conversation!

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