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Episode 79 - Plant Medicine with The Chocolate Shaman

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Keith Wilson

Most of us know that cacao is considered a super food—in fact it has the highest antioxidant content of any food. But there is so much more to cacao and we were eager to learn more!

We’re talking with Keith Wilson, also known as The Chocolate Shaman. Originally a geologist, Keith traveled to Guatemala and in 2003 decided to make it his home doing energy work, healing work and all the things he loved to do.

One day sitting by the river, he has a visit from The Chocolate Spirit. Keith realized that he had been invited by this Spirit to reintroduce cacao, this plant with powerful medicinal properties to a world that had, for the most part, forgotten about it.

With the help of the Chocolate Spirit, Keith was able to locate the cacao he would work with it and began experimenting with it and producing it the way it was made thousands of years ago. After a few months he began passing it around to others.

Well, people started sharing their journeys with Keith about what they experienced with the chocolate.

Keith began holding workshops and still does so today. He also manages the production crew in Guatemala to produce ceremonial grade cacao for his company, Keith’s Cacao.

In this episode we talk with Keith about his experience with the Chocolate Spirit, the benefits of cacao, it’s important role in the world and why it’s called “The Food for the Shift.”

Tune into this fascinating conversation!

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