What is Life Flip?

Life Flip is a methodology which examines your life experiences and builds on them to create the life you want—a life in complete alignment your higher self. It’s like flipping a house—using the foundation and “good bones” and creating something even more beautiful. Think of it as YOU 2.0. Every experience in your life has value—the good, the bad, and the ugly. So many of us try to erase the “bad” experiences. We’re not saying you have to re-live those experiences over and over in your mind, but rather, re-frame the experience to glean the lessons. The lessons that come out of our most difficult experiences are clues to what we’re meant to do. Some of you may be thinking “I have no idea what I want to do—I just know I don’t want to be HERE.” Life Flip marries personal discovery work with business expertise, giving you the roadmap to go from where you are now to where you want to be. Whether you’re just starting on this path or you’re already on it and simply need some guidance, Life Flip can help you get there!

Who Can Benefit from Life Flip?

Anyone who is looking to change their life for the better can benefit from the Life Flip program. Whether you’re in your 20s and just starting out, in your 40s wanting to make a career transition or if you’re nearing retirement, looking for an “Act 2,” Life Flip will help to illuminate a new path by focusing on your life lessons coupled with your strengths and interests. Deb and Carol both reinvented themselves in their 50s and truly believe that it’s never too late for anyone to flip their life!

How Long Does it Take to Flip Your Life?

The short answer is: it depends. We all have different priorities and demands on our time. As you know, you reap what you sow and making life changes is no different. This isn’t a race and you can move as quickly or as slowly as feels comfortable. The Life Flip program is designed to accommodate all schedules and lifestyles because everyone works at their own pace.

What Does the Life Flip Program Include?

  • 11 Video Modules: Each with an accompanying workbook filled with exercises, tips and lessons.
  • Lifetime Access to the Life Flip Online Course: You can view the course videos at your own pace, or review them whenever you need to. You will also gain access to any updates or new videos added to the library.
  • Private Facebook Page: Access to our private Life Flip Facebook page to share ideas with one another and provide support for your fellow Life Flippers.
  • Monthly Live Zoom Calls: Each month Deb and Carol will have a 60 minute live Zoom call so that you can ask questions and receive real-time support.
  • Resource Area: Access to an online resource area with recommended reading as well as other information you may find helpful during your Life Flip journey.

Have questions?

Please join us for an info discussion. We look forward to answering your Life Flip questions and getting to know you!

We will be adding more Zoom sessions soon!

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Life Flip Modules

  1. Getting Clear: Why do you want to make a change? What do you like to do and what are you good at? What lights you up? What are your beliefs, where did they come from, and are they still true? How might old beliefs be holding you back?
  2. Setting up Routines: We’ll help you put morning and evening routines in place, begin a meditation practice, teach you about automatic writing to hear your higher wisdom, and learn to re-wire the brain to search for “gold.”
  3. Goals & Dreams: How do you picture your perfect life? What would you like to see happen in a year, 5 years? We’ll teach you how to do written visualization work and vision boards. We’ll discuss why raising your vibration is so important and why it’s a key element in manifesting your dreams.
  4. Life Challenges: What are some of your biggest challenges/roadblocks? What story have you been telling yourself and others? We’ll teach you exercises to uncover your blocks and re-write your story to glean the lessons and feel empowered.
  5. Let’s Get Building: In this module you’ll be learning to map out your goals and commit to taking steps each day. Learn to research what others are doing in your space.
  1. Checking In: Has ego or imposter syndrome reared its head? Are you still feeling excited about your goals? We’ll discuss celebrating the “wins” and banishing negative self-talk. We’ll talk about how to deal with the reaction of others to your Life Flip.
  2. Launching Your New Life: We’ll give you tips and council on going public with an idea/business, the basics of social media, growing an email list and branding 101.
  3. Business 101: An overview of the fundamentals: business structures, record keeping, taxes, legal issues to have on your radar, and resources to help.
  4. Websites 101: Do you need one? How do you get started? What you need to know to get your website built and online.
  5. Living a Flipped Life: When you make big changes there will be ups and downs. In this module we’ll help you navigate some of the feelings and concerns that could come up.
  6. Continued Support: There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re on an island when making life changes. It’s important to have support and community

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Carol Campos

Carol has worked in the corporate world for over 20 years, most recently in a leadership role at a Fortune 10 company. For years she felt that she was meant to do something different, but could never quite put her finger on what that was. For the last decade she has immersed herself in classes and workshops, learning about energy healing, meditation, as well as numerous spiritual and holistic topics. Finally, she left her corporate job and made the leap into the unknown. What she discovered was that she could combine her extensive business experience with these new, soul-aligned interests.

Carol is a life coach, helping her clients to gain clarity in their lives and remove the blocks preventing them from living a fulfilled life. She is a certified Reiki practitioner as well as a certified Angel Card Reader. Most recently she was certified by the HeartMath Institute as an Add-Heart Facilitator, teaching a technique used by thousands of people, including Navy Seals, to achieve heart coherence — a state which greatly improves emotional and physical health.

Carol is passionate about traveling, learning about new cultures and helping people on their own path. She holds a B.A. in Communications from Hofstra University. Carol resides in Massachusetts with her rambunctious rescue cats, Petey and Emmett.

Deb Sorensen

Deb has been self-employed for over 20 years as a web developer, technical trainer and partner in several business [ad]ventures. She has always felt that there shouldn’t be a separation between “work” and “play” and strives to combine the two in all of her projects. The most gratifying aspect of her work is hearing her clients’ stories, understanding their needs, and cooperatively brainstorming effective solutions.

Although somewhat unconventional, Deb was raised with the ideas of astrology, spirit, psychic ability and more as primary beliefs. She has spent a lifetime reading, learning and exploring more about many holistic and spiritual topics.

Deb’s other passions include animals, music, traveling and heartfelt conversation. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Northeastern University and would love to go back to school — once she figures out what she wants to be when she grows up. Proud to be a crazy cat lady, she lives in Massachusetts with her four happy and spoiled cats.